Infra Aqual

Subp Yao

"This album was inspired entirely by the world that exists parallel to ours, beneath the surface of the ocean. While it was the appalling pollution clogging bodies of water across the globe that originally motivated me to create this work, it was what I discovered in my research for the record that really blew me away. The unimaginable depth, the infinite darkness, the undiscovered areas, and otherworldly species, it all really struck me.

Over the course of 2 years, I wrote and recorded this project in my studio in Heerlen. Working with, and without intention, getting lost, finding focus, it was a real journey.

The 2 collaborators (Warrior Queen and d00p) featured on my record added exactly what i was looking for, and the artwork by Fragment:Flow creator, Paul Fennell, ties it all together beautifully.

Thanks to you all."

— Subp Yao


Coloured vinyl

180 gm