A Patternless And Endless Soul

Valance Drakes

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The 1st 50 of this LE (300 copies) vinyl come with:

— A signed print

— Special YUKU wrapping & sticker pack

— Two tracks for download after the 1st 50 sell out

"Just Valance being Valance, I’m no underground glitch legend or pioneer as I never cared for a title, just an individual who puts sounds together and embraces the outcome whether it’s light or dark. Capturing emotions from complex patterns. I don’t betray myself. Not for status. Not for power. Not for money. Not to fit into a stereotype. Not to look a certain way. Not for approval as patience and sacrifice is required to build anything.

Some aspects of the world are getting uglier every day and every ray of hope is vital to tilt the balance. A Patternless and Endless Soul is for those in need, and as such, 30% of the record profits will be donated to a charity for the homeless TBA."
— Valance Drakes

Photography: Lee Jeffries



Coloured vinyl

180 gm