Taking First EP

Henry Greenleaf
Par Avion

Absolutely unmissable record from an incredibly exciting artist. Hybrid bass that's delightfully strange and heavily dancefloor-ready.

From the label:

"Taking First is a follow up to 2018’s “Fold Together”; continuing from a flurry of releases on ARTS, Glasstalk and Wellstreet Records, Greenleaf goes into deeper exploration of his unique stylistic template.

The A side boasts a substantial 1-2 punch; the darting melody and breathing ambience of ‘Taking First’ transition suddenly into the shrieking kettle and pressurised sub of ‘Rumble’. The overleaf takes us further into the club with the soothing rave-tape nods of ‘NOFM’, before submerging us in the underwater theatre of ‘Stam’."