THIS IS A PREORDER — Worldwide Release Date: 19 — 08 — 21 (August)

The LE first-50 Bundle Includes:

- Print of the album artwork signed/tagged by TRAKA (exclusive to the first-50 bundles)
- Bazzar Beats, beat tape with music that's exclusive to this cassette (exclusive to the first-50 bundles)
- Album artwork t-shirt  (exclusive to the first-50 bundles)
- 2x12" coloured 180 gm vinyl (not exclusive to the first-50 bundles)
- Gatefold sleeve  (not exclusive to the first-50 bundles)
- 2 tracks for early download (sent after the LE first-50 bundle preorder closes)
- Tracked shipping (for direct sales via our website only)

"Since our debut release on YUKU, our perspective about the many creative possibilities open to us has evolved.

With “MAKTUB,” meaning “It’s written,” we're clearly stating that it's time to dive deeper into our musical ethos and production. It represents a significant step in our self-discovery, and a big step forward from the debut EP.

On this sonic architect project, we managed to make a strong cross-Atlantic connection with the various features on this LP and make geographical boundaries evaporate.

This genre-fusion release was formed in pure isolation and solitude from all sides, but the final outcome brings a feeling of even stronger unity within TRAKA, and also at same time preserves our personal individual creative identities."

Artwork by TRAKA

Featuring: Riko Dan, Subp Yao, Chrizpy Chriz, Funkier, Masturbeator