Amber (first-50)

Yunis feat. Dayle, JuLo, Shield, Submarine

THIS IS A PREORDER — Worldwide Release Date: 16 — 09 — 21 (September)

200 copies are being pressed in total only, with each sleeve handnumbered (of 200). No represses.

The first-50 LE vinyl include:
— 2x12" 180gm colored vinyl
— 1x artwork print, unique to the 1st-50 (and YUKRU), signed and numbered (of 50)
— 2x tracks for download after the 1st-50 preorder is complete
— YUKU sticker pack and special packaging



"The heart of 'Amber' is the evanescence of creativity — the fleeting nature of everything that surrounds us, everything that feels so permanent when we're growing up into adults, but that fades and disappears as we age. The spark and drive of creativity pushes artists to excel and constantly exceed their accomplishments, and with electronic music, this often pushes it into increasingly technical and concept-based areas. The material amber itself is said to clear the mind, to help develop patience and wisdom. My album, 'Amber', has acted much the same for me as a kind of reset with a focus on vibe, musicality, and patience. I mean it to be music for listening that can also work in clubs. I did not want to push or feel compelled into a particular direction, but rather each track to be a true reflection of my current creative state. This simplicity is reflected also in the bare artwork for the vinyl and album — a simple pen drawing burnt onto the cover, the last mark my grandfather committed to paper 1 week before he passed."
— yunis

Artwork: W. Opiéla (*1921-†2016)

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