Siete Catorce

'' Mexican producer Siete Catorce treads the line of experimental club masterfully, drawing influence from Latin American styles and futuristic techno abstractions. Catorce has released on imprints such as Nostro Hood System and Hypermedium as well as launching his own label Subreal in 2019 with collaborator Amazondotcom, on which they have released two EP’s traversing deconstructed club. His new EP ‘Temperatura’ is a masterful exploration into club hybridity.

For the A-side, opener ‘Todo’ is straight-up otherworldly techno, combining fluctuating mutant birdsong and dub tones that center around unrelenting polyrhythms, whilst ‘Derretido’ flourishes industrial clangs with deviant frequencies. The B-side spirals on full-blown psychedelia into an unpredictable space between experimental tech and bass. ‘Menos’s extraterrestrial synth-work and blurred edges sound like a stripped-down early dub hybrid. ‘Tu’ featuring collaborator Biuddha employs smoky field recordings atop a shuffling post-dubstep heartbeat and euphoric snares. Combining fractured sound design with indisputable rhythm, this release is a formidable and unique addition to the experimental club bracket. ''