Run Around

Time Is Now

'' Run Around EP builds up the tension throughout; starting off with ‘Put Your Feet Up’, a ghostly atmospheric piece with a sparse beat, sprinkling of ear candy and crescendo of headsy melodies. The title track oozes a growling bassline beneath staccato vocal snatches - it’s a deconstructed style of garage that maintains tension while adding a dreamlike quality. More tension encompasses ‘Nerves’ alongside teases of low end wobbles and harsh breaks that coalesce into a punishing jungle track. ‘Lost Again’ brings in the B-side with this same energy, an explosion of rolling breaks forming the backbone of this rouch and ready Metalheadz style crowd pleaser, calling out to the rave. ‘Mishap’ serves up ragga vocals, impenetrable sub bass and pouncing two-step ripe for a reload, all rounded off with ‘Wasp’s Nest’ - a raucous, no holds barred climax to the EP. ''