Surface Tension II

LoDubs Records

'' As has been hinted on sonically with Surface Tension I, Clubroot's previous release & first foray into the second decade of the new millennium, The elusive aforementioned producer from St. Albans has managed to alloy a new sound with the swing and BPM of UK Garage, Space, air and atmosphere of true Dubstep, and with all the unparalleled virtuosity and unmistakable aural DNA of Clubroot, which we dare say is rarely equalled. In doing so, Clubroot illuminates the realm of UK garage and electronic music in general towards a currently unforeseen future.

Surface Tension: II further explores these discoveries and further reinvents them in the process. Starting with the expansive 'Infatuation'; with its gradual, intensifying movements towards the ultimate reveal, and supported by the equally singular 'Explorer' and 'For you', Surface Tension: II is as much an additional high water mark in Clubroot's overall discography as it is a companion piece to Surface Tension: I in both its genre-straddling style and overall ethos, with the vinyl release being pressed on one-time 'Solar Flare' color vinyl featuring moving original art which stylistically continues the narrative through the as of yet not fully revealed tetraptych. ''