CBTR & Embryo (Final-50)

The Science feat. Om Unit, Subp Yao, Azaleh

LE — 200 copies

THIS IS A PREORDER — Expected to ship in June 2022; digital worldwide release date: April 14, 2022

The Science — Come by the River & Embryo
(+ Remixes by Om Unit, Subp Yao, Azaleh)

"Come By The River" and "Embryo" have a common denominator at their very basis - that is love, in its purest forms. In CBTR we tell a momentary love story between two people who stumble upon each other by the river and spend the afternoon diving into one another, just to separate and never meet again, but leave this beautiful mark in the form of a memory that defies time and space. In "Embryo" we look at love from a different perspective, the mother's. The type of love that has the power to defeat all insecurities, fears and teach/ask the most important questions.

The river doesn't pass, we just prefer to remain."
— The Science

Painting by Elizabeth Geisler

1 x 12" 180 gm coloured vinyl

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