LE — 200 copies (180 gm gold vinyl)

"In the making of this body of work, I found myself surrendered to the creative flow that occurred in each piece individually. As if the work at a certain point starts to delegate and I have no choice but to serve. Serving in a way of not knowing conceptually what I'm doing.
An organic asymmetric approach was the basis for the whole aesthetic exploration. A dialogue between repetition and irregularity whose sum is leading into a playful yet dark gloomy nature.

In CREATURE I investigated the relationship between technical knowledge or rather the rigid imagination of an idea to the unpredictable fluidness of creation. Every track sort of becomes a CREATURE that deeply wants to be itself and given that, it feels ultimately brutal wanting it to fit in in any way. I am the initial ignition or the person having an idea to start something new but I always end up being a tool, a trigger or a small protagonist in a world that is now something of itself.“ — Chewlie

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