Suffuse (Final-50)

Chrizpy Chriz (feat. Subp Yao)

"This album is intended to be a journey through every genre of music that I love the most. It was inspired through the use of a vast number of tools and foley recordings. As an artist I force myself to be versatile while keeping my own touch on the music I create. Much of the creative ideas behind this album were inspired by the feeling of loss, a loss of attachment to any of the restraints and walls I had created within my art. I am never pushing for a specific sound, I go with my subconscious flow. Once again my grandpa has continued to inspire me through his art. Every time I get to work with him I feel grateful. I am so lucky to have the chance to pair his art with mine."
— Chrizpy Chriz

1x12" coloured 180 gm vinyl

Includes Bandcamp download code

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Edition of 200 (no represses)