Gatefold sleeve
2x12" 180 gm transparent vinyl


"The making of this album first started as a recollection of music and sound design I’ve produced over the last couple of years for events and installations—interactive and immersive AV experiences. It was like creating a specific atmosphere for visitors where I’d take them into this sensorial but artificial experience within a very confined spatial domain. This is how the “Climats” concept emerged. 

Longer ambient and generative pieces thus found their own space in my repertoire, allowing me to explore more in-depth, non-linear execution with soft, moody and padded textures. Eventually, all this freeform material became available so I could extract parts of it to build more club-centered and straightforward tracks, but nonetheless, the list grew and all this softer-edged, more introspective works were aggregating over time.

At the time of the lockdown, it felt very natural to get back to it and finalize it as a cohesive whole. It was a very healing and a smooth process to work on these. From isolation, I could open this window to thoughts where I made up my very own Science Fiction story while working on the music. I really wanted it to be a one-hour soundtrack experience that I’d listen at home or driving while my mind would travel across all those musical scapes. It was never a formalized script, but the music spoke for itself with themes of anticipation, collapse, utopia, the world as we know it, the near and far future...

Creating the album was quite a sporadic production process that stretched over several years but it all came together and made a lot of sense in the context of the title I chose : TERRAFORM. The narrative of the album simply unfolds from Dawn to Dusk, and the listener navigates through the different climates that each track embodies."


Visual art by Tremenss / Graphic design by Lion Sauterleute