''As a trained, accomplished dancer, her music is intrinsically linked to physical movement, made explicit in the visual accompaniments to her pieces, and in the creative process of this release.
Amongst the four tracks on this record is ‘Senstronaut (MYO)’, the first Fournier-Mercadante has made entirely using an MYO motion sensor. All parts were created as progressive layers using arm gestures, affording her an immediate connection between her dance performance and music production.
Kinesiology – the study of human movement – forms one of the underlying themes of the EP. By extension, Fournier-Mercandata draws inspiration from dancing as an ancient custom responding to the atomic vibrations of the universe, and considers the material which allows us and all living things to sense the kinetic force of Earth’s electromagnetic field, the mineral magnetite.
“By connecting with the electromagnetic field of the Earth, we can tap into a hidden and forgotten power,” she explains. “We can connect to the lost wisdom that is buried in each rock, flower or tree, and sonic frequencies that surround us.”